Allison Wilson

Founder & President of The Hope Project

Allison Wilson, wife to a former Navy SEAL of 16 years, mother to 5 children and advocate for Veteran Women and Spouses, founded The Hope Project after a beautiful retreat in Costa Rica. Allison founded Hope after years of being at home and holding the family together during her husband’s service. She realized very quickly after her psychedelic journey that all her traumas and secondary PTSD became purposeful in birthing The Hope Project. Allison comes here with a background in non-profit work and event management. She is always available for a phone call and wants every woman to feel enough. Allison speaks to every single woman that goes through The Hope Project and follows on their journeys as a mentor and a friend. In her down time, Allison enjoys living in the mountains in CO with her husband and children. She lives on a small farm outside of Denver where she gets to unwind, relax and enjoy many animals including dogs, cats, horses, chickens, ducks and goats! 

Jonathan Wilson

Chair Of The Board (Chief Executive Officer)

Jonathan Wilson is a former Navy SEAL, having served 16 years in the United States Navy.  After service, he became an associate trader at Goldman Sachs before eventually joining Capital Group. From the struggles of his transition, he co-founded the SEAL Future Foundation, a non-profit who supports Navy SEALs with their transition into their next purpose. Today he is on a mission to provide healing through his mental health startup, INVI. Jonathan is a major advocate for psychedelic assisted therapies having personally benefited from the treatment and also having witnessed the positive and lasting impacts for hundreds of veterans. He is currently working with multiple universities along with the Veteran Affairs, in supporting various psychedelic research efforts. Jonathan resides just outside of Denver, Colorado with his wife, children and animals. 

Denise Bottiglieri, PhD

Secretary & Treasurer

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