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To create a community for Veteran Women, Veteran Spouses & Gold Star Wives by supporting them with grants to wellness retreats, preparation & integration coaching and scholarships for mission aligned certificates. 

Wellness Experiences & Retreats

Through connections with beautiful and vetted retreats, The Hope Project offers experiences with psychedelic therapies for PTSD, Grief, Loss, Trauma and healing from within. The Hope Project also offers retreats that focus on mindfulness, meditation, coaching and integration after deployments.


The Hope Project offers coaching for Veteran Spouses, Veteran Women and Gold Star wives with our team of certified coaches and therapists. We work closely with spouses to make sure they feel "enough" We specialize in integration work and educating the spouse on how to hold space after deployments and psychedelic journeys. We thrive on creating a community of support for one another with zoom calls and one on one coaching.


The Hope Project offers scholarships for mission aligned certificates. We strive to continue the support of the Spouse or Women Veteran in furthering their education while empowering them self.

Offering Hope to STRONG WOMEN.

"YOU ARE ENOUGH".....founder, Allison Wilson

With The Hope Project we will HEAL Women. It is our goal to support and create a community with powerful WOMEN! We will offer each woman HOPE, LOVE and GRATITUDE for herself. We are ONE. We are HOPE. We are The Hope Project.


“I have had the blessing to witness the birth and growth of “The Hope Project”. What stemmed from one woman’s own healing, to then expand and reach to our community of women and families to provide support, love and hope.  I have walked a heavy journey of grief and pain with the death of my husband and children’s father.  The Hope Project has stepped in multiple times to support me on my healing path.  The Hope Project compassionately held space for me during a journey, bearing witness to the sacredness of my healing path.  THP continues to show up compassionately for all the emotions that arise and meet me where I am at.  THP also stepped in to help cover coaching calls when I was working through a challenging part of my integration.  I am thankful for the love THP continues to surround me with and even more thankful for the community of women that is being built knowing we are not meant to do this alone. “

……..Gold Star Wife 

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