The Hope Project was birthed from one woman’s healing journey. Allison Wilson, founder of The Hope Project started her journey with psychedelic healing two years ago and since then has made it her purpose to support spouses, Veteran Women and Gold Star wives with connections to these modalities, coaching and scholarships. The Hope Project has supported 34 women to date and continues the work daily. We have partnered with numerous non-profits in the space and welcome new partnerships so we can support as many women as possible!

At The Hope Project we also feel very strongly that spouses should be involved in their husband’s journey, and we educate them on integration and feelings of being enough. We support spouses with a one-month program of one-to-one coaching and community calls.

For the spouse, Veteran Woman or Gold Star Wife, we have a four-month program with connections to retreats, one-to-one coaching and community support.

Lastly, The Hope Project also offers yearly scholarships that support women in mission aligned certificates and will hopefully continue to employ women to share their passions of coaching and more.

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